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CBD Oil Products – Is CBD Right for You

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Written by Stacey Thomas


The CBD oil products market is full of various CBD infused goods such tinctures, capsules, gummies, creams, vapes, delta 8 gummies and many more.

December 14, 2020

Nowadays, CBD Oil Products is used as a cure-all treatment that gives a wide application range to help in relieving pain, depression, anxiety, stress, etc. The CBD market is full of various CBD infused goods such tinctures, capsules, gummies, creams, and many more. With all of the products out there and their confusing terminology, it can be really difficult to determine what product to choose.

Once you’ve decided to use CBD, it might seem hard to choose which CBD product is right for you. Here’s a guide to learn about variety of CBD products, formula, dosage and what to consider when choosing a CBD product.

Your Lifestyle

If you’re using CBD products at home every morning or evening, then tinctures might be perfect for you because you can easily keep a bottle in a medicine cabinet. However, if you’re always traveling, edible products, capsules, or tablets might be a better choice because you’ll be able to carry products easily and you don’t have to worry about possible spillage.

CBD Oil for MigrainesThe Reason for Using CBD

If you’re suffering from insomnia, maybe full-spectrum CBD oil rich in useful cannabinoids and terpenes can help you to fall asleep. If you’re subjected to severe pain, perhaps a CBD cream is the solution to relieve inflamed body parts. If you want to buy a CBD product to help in treating digestive issues, capsule is a better choice.

Onset Time

As for CBD capsules, gummies, tablets, and other ingested products, they need to be digested before hitting the bloodstream and interacting with the endocannabinoid system. Depending on the time of your body metabolism, absorption may take from 30-90 minutes. This makes CBD capsules a good option for those people who want CBD advantages to stay in their system for a more prolonged period. On the other hand, if you’re intaking CBD oil as a supplement to a balanced diet, the onset time is definitely not a big factor and CBD products such as tinctures can satisfy your needs.


It is important to start CBD treatment with a smaller dose (provided on the product label) and increase the dosage slowly. It may take a few days before you’ll notice fist improvements, and it will be clear if the CBD strength is appropriate for you. While CBD oil can be taken with minor side effects, if you suddenly face unpleasant adverse reactions, you have to decrease the dosage.

Additionally, it is recommended to start with a low potency product first, at least until you know how your body reacts to CBD.

CBD Formula

Stacey's CBD Oil Quality Products

Stacey’s CBD Oil Quality Products

There are 3 main types of CBD based products:

CBD Isolate – a 99% pure CBD, doesn’t contain any THC (the psychoactive component of cannabis).

Broad-Spectrum CBD – contains all compounds naturally found in the cannabis plant, but doesn’t contain any THC.

Full-Spectrum CBD – contain all the compounds from a cannabis plant, including low doses of THC.

If you’re looking for a broad range of effects on stress, inflammation, mood, or sleep then a full-spectrum CBD product might be a great option. Topical products such as creams or lotions can also give more benefits when formulated with pure CBD. Many topical products are intended to treat skin problems, while others are used to relieve joint and muscle pain.


CBD products differ by formulation, concentration, and form, which may take some time to find the right dosage. The method of consumption, medical state, and body weight affect how much CBD you really need and how quickly it gets absorbed.

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